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The American Dream starts with HOME OWNERSHIP. The Isaiah 61 Project rehabilitates vacant homes in Niagara Falls, providing job training in the process. You are considering purchase of one of those newly renovated homes. Please review the following guidelines that ensure that The Isaiah 61 Project executes its mission, house by house: LOW TO MODERATE INCOME – The purchaser must fall within the following United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income guidelines: Household assets cannot exceed $30,000.00 and the household income cannot exceed the following income guidelines:


Number of persons in household Amount
1 person $35,600
2 persons $40,650
3 persons $45,750
4 persons $50,800
5 persons $54,900
6 persons $58,950
7 persons $63,000
8 persons $67,100

The purchaser must be the prime occupant of the home for a minimum of five years, post purchase date. No subleasing or renting of the housing unit is allowed under any circumstances. The City of Niagara Falls sells vacant homes to The Isaiah 61 Project to create home ownership opportunities. This is a contractual obligation. If the purchaser attempts to sublease or rent the property, it will be a breach of contract with both The Isaiah 61 Project and the City of Niagara Falls, and legal action will be taken.

The purchaser is required to enroll and participate in a homebuyer education program before the final sale is completed. The Isaiah 61 Project stresses the value of banking programs that help prospective purchasers save funds in a restricted account, then used towards the purchase price. The Isaiah 61 Project will provide a suggested list of Niagara Falls based programs to potential purchasers.

The Isaiah 61 Project is renovating and selling both single family and multi-family homes. The purchaser of a multi-family home is still contractually obligated to be a prime occupant of one of the housing units. The purchaser will be required to participate in a property management training program before any renters move in to the premises. All purchasers will also be required to participate in a basic home maintenance program. The Isaiah Project believes that the purchase of a multi-family home is an opportunity for the purchaser to become a home owner and to create a source of new income. The training program is a way to best prepare the purchaser for this new opportunity.

Regardless of the purchaser’s agreement with The Isaiah 61 Project, after sale of the home, the purchaser is fully responsible for insurance and maintenance of the property. Addressing any code violations or maintenance issues will be the purchaser’s sole responsibility, like any other home owner. These homes are being fully renovated and inspected prior to the purchase. The purchaser has the opportunity to contract with a home inspector. These renovations are a clear benefit to the purchaser. Any future renovations or modifications are the purchaser’s decision, and not the responsibility of The Isaiah 61 Project or the City of Niagara Falls.

If you would like information about purchasing one of our homes, please contact:

Tom Deal at Deal Realty
(716) 940-0155

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